Can Spray Foam Insulation Be Used In Old House?

When you own your own San Antonio home, whether it’s new or old, insulation is a major consideration. If it’s new then people go for spray foam insulation, due to its gaining popularity. But those who move into an old hose or a vintage home become very confused because of various types insulation. We should use a good insulation technique for our house because insulation helps in conserving energy.

There are basically two types of spray foam insulation: Open cell insulation and closed cell insulation. In open cell Old_House_Insulation_insulation the tiny cells are loosely connected, while in open cell they are tightly connected. Thus, open cell insulation is an air barrier only, while closed cell spray is good as an air barrier as well as a moisture barrier.

Following is a guide on why you should get your home insulated or re-insulated. It does not matter whether your home in new construction or a vintage home:

  • Insulation results in significant saving on your heating and cooling costs.
  • Your home will be quieter from outside noise.
  • Insulation reduces air infiltration, provides acoustical benefits, increases safety in the event of a fire and even strengthens the structure itself.
  • You will have to pay lower energy bills
  • R-value of closed cell spray insulation is 5,5.6; open cell spray insulation is 3.6

Previously, only new homes received the advantages of foam insulation. But now, old homes can also have foam insulation installed. Older homes that contain little or no insulation can be re- insulated with the help of spray foam insulation. Since spray foam insulation is in liquid form, it can easily flow through empty space and across old materials to fill the wall cavity. If the wall cavity is partially filled with old, ineffective insulation, this type of insulation can fully fill it to make the insulation more effective. Also, spray foam insulation can be applied to both on outside surfaces as well as inside surfaces of the wall. Unlike other insulation techniques, you don’t need to rip the wall apart to make the foam enter the structure itself. If you are even thinking about getting spray foam insulation in San Antonio check out Synergy Spray Foam Insulation’s Manta page

You can find more videos on San Antonio Spray foam insulation here

To block the transfer of heat and cold, expanding spray foams are applied. To know how much and what kind of insulation is require by the house, you can get an energy audit that will tell you the R-value of your house. By knowing this value, you can go for the type of spray foam insulation required by your house.

Applications of closed cell insulation and open cell insulation:

Closed cell insulation is most effective when applied to ceilings and unvented roof- decks; open cell spray insulation is most effective when used on walls and other moisture free spaces.

Therefore, in old houses, spray foam insulation is recommended. Spray foam insulation are far more superior than any other insulation. However, one should keep in mind that spray foam is an inflammable material so it should not be applied near a furnace or fireplace. Open cell spray insulation should not be applied in leak- prone spaces, such as attics.