My Nasty Carpet is Finally (Almost) Gone – Adrienne Floreen’s DIY Home Remodel (2017)

My nasty carpet is finally (almost) gone, except for the disintegrated carpet padding glued to the concrete subfloor and the small pieces still nailed down. And my “office” is set up again, so I am now (finally) able to make YouTube videos again! Watch this video and you’ll see us struggle for days and nights to remove the nasty carpet, staying up all night with almost no sleep for days in a row, trying to remove carpet that the previous homeowner installed improperly. Special thanks to my boyfriend, my friend for helping and for the use of his car, Mia Bella Cupcakes, Recycled Youth, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Harbor freight. I would also like to give “honorable mentions” to our former friend/roommate Steve, for saying I was stupid for wanting to call an electrician and “fixing” my light fixtures himself. Thanks, Steve, for “fixing” them yourself, so they’d work for about a month and then dramatically burn out on the night before Eugene’s birthday while we’re ripping out my carpet. At least it made my video more interesting. Next time, though, I think I’ll hire a certified electrician.

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